Susan Rice has been under fire today; Trump’s team has made allegations that Rice, former National Security Advisor, was the source of the leak for TrumpRussia intel. What exact leak and why it matters if Trump, his transition team and administration are guilty are unclear. Since the TrumpRussia story began to manifest, instead of focusing on facts and the big picture of Russian interference in the US election and government, Trump and his cronies have only focused on leaks coming out of the White House.

Yes, this was Don the Con’s latest attempt to double down on his lie that Obama wiretapped him. The original allegation made via a tweet on March 4th, only a month ago. Feels like forever; a month with Trump should be measured differently than regular time. I would suggest dog time, but even that does not take into account the length of time and anxiety felt by most Americans, day by day with Trump in office.

So yesterday, right wing media (FOX Fanatics) went crazy after learning Susan Rice made requests to have some identities in the FBI investigation unmasked. Yes, she was the National Security Advisor and this request fell well within the scope of her job…but that did not stop Trumpsters from jumping all over this news, thinking it vindicated Trump’s very ignorant, highly publicized offensive lie.

Unfortunately for Trump a request to unmask identity, which by the way was learned because it was all on record, does NOT equate to illegally leaking classified information.

Do you think Trump, Spicy, FOX or the Trumpsters care about that—Hell, NO!

So today’s sheroe is Susan Rice for having to defend herself all day against the offensive claim that she did anything other than her job.


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