Today’s Hero is Jon Ossoff who is running for the open Georgia House seat left vacant by Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price.  Constituents of the 6th district in GA will vote on April 18th and there is a chance that Democrats may be able to flip the traditionally red district. Jon has gained nationwide support as Trump and his administrations’ popularity continues to dramatically fall.

Jon is a 30 year old Georgetown graduate who has raised record breaking campaign funds. Yes, he is young but I think we are ready for change.

The Republicans are working hard to keep Jon out of office. Here is an attack ad they are running.

The ad is certainly not high-tech but instead of making Jon look like a drunk frat boy, the clips are endearing and only highlight the normalcy of a college experience. The release of the attack ad sparked the creation and rise of the #JONSOLO hashtag.

Will Trump hate propel Jon into office? God, I hope so.

Today’s Resistance hero is #JONSOLO – may the force be with you, Jon.


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