Yesterday women held a one year anniversary march. Last year we marched the day after Don the Con took office and yesterday we put our marching boots on again. “Power to the Polls” was the official theme but the reasons we marched were much greater that that. Women, Men, Families, Friends, Young, Old, Black, Latino, Muslim, White, Middle-aged, HUMANS EVERYWHERE marched for LOVE, respect, human rights, civil rights, LGBTQIA rights, they marched  because Black Lives Matter, they marched to ask the Congressional Democrats to stand strong and save the Dreamers, to fund the CHIP program, to OPPOSE the building of WALLS…we marched to protest Trump and his policies.

How did Trump react to the protests? Did he humbly acknowledge that people around the world don’t like him or his policies? Did he promise to listen to the people and engage in relationships for positive change? Did he call on the GOP to work with their Democratic colleagues to come up with an agreement to open up the Government? NOPE. Delusional Donny had this to say instead.


Is the bubble he lives in that solid that he does not recognize the masses that protest AGAINST him? Delusional…

Last year I marched in DC and this year I marched in Morristown, NJ. Event organizers were expecting around 4-6,000 people instead approximately 15,000 showed up. Here are some photos from the day. Thank you to everyone who let me photograph them. I loved the signs, the energy and all the friendly faces.

A special thank you to a fellow Ms. Momocracy Mom who graciously shared some march photos with me.