Separating children from their parents.

Keeping them in cages and Nazi-style camps.

Holding them hostage for a strong immigrant bill and a Fucking RIDICULOUS Wall!

Removing US from UN Human Rights Council so we can stand with North Korea and Russia.

The world is appalled by the human rights violations happening in America.

Most Americans (don’t let me get started on the asshats who are sticking to, “but did they come here legally”) appalled and outraged over human right violations happening HERE.

Never in my lifetime would I imagine anything like this happening in America.

Are we FUCKING great yet? ENOUGH!

A foreign power helping to elect an illegitimate President, a foreign power that we have a strong negative history with. Collusion with that foreign power.

Immigration policies that spark outrage around the world when he first gets into office.

Damaging all partnerships and relationships with strong allies. Coddling and stroking egos with dangerous leaders, dictators, and fascists.

Planning to separate children at border from the BEGINNING (Thanks, C + Santa Monica Fascist Stephen Miller) and blaming it past administrations, Democrats and FAKE NEWS.

I am mad. Are you? He is holding us all hostage and who is going to save us now?

Ask yourself, what does he want. If the answer does not scare the crap out of you, you aren’t paying attention.


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