It is very easy to get caught up in the negativity of the times. It seems like not a day has gone by since the campaign and election of Trump that he or his administration has not done or said something that is offensive, ridiculous or just plain frightening. Yesterday, when most Americans were trying to make sense of Nunes’ reluctancy to recuse himself from an investigation into Trump’s administration and Russian interference in our election. Nunes basically screaming, “Nothing to see here” as Putin slips in the back door. OK, maybe you think I am over-reacting and being harsh, but let’s just apply some common sense.

Where did Wikileaks get their hacked intel? Why did they only release Democratic intel? Why did Comey focus on Hilary’s uninteresting emails when he knew Russia/Trump was under surveillance by mid 2016?

Did Russia (aka Putin) play a role in our election?

If there is nothing to hide, why not permit an investigation?

You could smell the stink of a cover up a mile away. Why would Nunes have a secret meeting at the White House with a source he cannot disclose and then hold a press conference basically saying, “Nothing to see here, folks”. Secret meeting at the White House??? How dumb does he think we are? Again, if there is nothing to cover up, why cover it up?

Nunes, I think it is time to recuse yourself; you have brought shame on the House Intelligence Committee, which has been known to be bipartisan, fair and just.

April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks’ and 20 year veteran white house correspondent, questioned Spicy Spicer about the connection/image of the Trump White House as it relates to Russia but Spicy cuts her off mid-sentence and displays gross dominance over her. He does not even let her finish a sentence and reprimands her for displaying her disappointment over his treatment, by shaking her head as he attempts to refute her.

April, please KEEP PUSHING. We are standing along side of you— #RESIST!

Yes, the same April Ryan that Trump asks to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus members because—well, don’t all black people know each other?


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