Bill O’Reilly has been in the spotlight today since the news broke he reached settlement with five, yes 5, women who claimed he sexually assaulted them. The settlement payment is reported to be approximately 13 million dollars. As advertisers began to pull their advertising from FOX and the O’Reilly show, one champion for Bill emerges. Guess who? Pussy grabbing Trump, that is who.

“Personally, I think he shouldn’t have settled,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in the Oval Office with Times reporters. “Because you should have taken it all the way; I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

“I think he’s a person I know well — he is a good person,” Mr. Trump said.

Trump instead of using the opportunity to publicly take a stance against sexual assault, workplace harassment or misogyny and stand up for the victims–he decides to side with the accused. Are you surprised? This is a man that bragged about grabbing pussy on film which aired during his campaign—and Trumpsters elected him anyway. Can we really be surprised by his depraved character now?

The interesting thing is Trump’s endorsement that O’Reilly is a “good guy” may actually backfire for O’Reilly and FOX. Remember who else Trump called a good guy? Putin, that’s who.

As of this afternoon 30 advertisers have pulled their ads from the O’Reilly Factor. I think it is about time companies start evaluating their relationship with Fox News. What role did Murdock and Fox play in the election of this buffoon? When will the people realize that when FOX uses gimmicks like fear mongering and pushes an alt-right agenda that they are degrading America and all the things that make it great. I am convinced FOX and the FOX FANATICS are one of the reasons (Russia/Putin also playing a role) the US and our Presidency is the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

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Lies = Alternative Facts

Fake News = REAL news

People who do not agree with Trump = Enemies

Enough of the 1984 Doublespeak—I for one need reliable news and guess what folks, that does NOT include FOX. I agree that every media organization may have a “lean” to the right or to the left but a reputable source will do its best to eliminate that lean, maintain neutrality and stick to the facts. FOX for years has pandered to its base and leans so far to the right that it fell off the map of reputable news media sources long ago. When we look back to identify the divide in America, we will need to identify the role that FOX played. How it set the stage for Doublespeak and defining of “fake news”. FOX for years has played around with a role in propaganda and seems to be embracing its influence over redefining reality.

FOX news IS the fanbase that elected DT and it is the main news source of DT supporters. So denying it played a role in election outcomes or it’s role in creating the culture of the DT fan base would be denying reality.

(source from NYT, 1)

Since his campaign DT has focused on the media and what he calls failing or “fake” news and he willingly throws this term out, labeling any media outlet that does not buy into his crazy, that does not paint him the way he wants, that focuses on facts and not his administrations’ “alternative facts” –as failing or “FAKE NEWS” . In the case of CNN at the press conference this week he went a step further with a combative and vindictive approach, “Very Fake News.” Here is a transcript of the exchange:

QUESTION: Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir…

TRUMP: I’m changing it from fake news, though.

QUESTION: Doesn’t that under…

TRUMP: Very fake news. (3)

This is not funny. His war with the media highlights a big issue. Bigger than where does he get his news (because I am pretty sure FOX & Friends is his main news source) but when he casts doubt on all other sources, his base is only exposed to what media he determines as “real”. There is no accountability and we truly become the 1984 society, Orwellian society.

His tweet yesterday—ignoring its implications is dangerous. By discrediting all sources he does not agree with or sources who do not promote his propaganda—as fake sources and now ENEMIES is fascism at its finest. It does help us normal folks, identify the news sources we should be watching NYT, CNN, NBC (he actually deleted this tweet–only to add more news sources to his enemy list). Thanks, DT.

(Source 2)

Our reporters are now our FREEDOM FIGHTERS and soldiers against the administration’s movement away from reality and the blind acceptance of the bull$*** DT, Spicer, Miller and Conway (although, she may be gone–have not seen much of her this week) are shoveling.

This week in San Antonio, Tx, at a PBS station we can see a clear example of how the administration tried to silence free press and almost succeeded (4).

“The story began with a Jan. 24 speech that Representative Lamar Smith, Republican of Texas, gave on the House floor regarding what he described as the unfair way the national media was covering President Trump. He said for instance that the media ignored highs in consumer confidence, which of course it did not. And he ended with an admonition for his constituents: “Better to get your news directly from the president. In fact, it might be the only way to get the unvarnished truth.” (4)’

Two scary things are happening here: 1) discrediting the news media, following DT’s lead and 2) suggesting his constituents get their news directly from the 1984 Big Brother aka DT. WOW! Do I smell fascism here? What other governments suggests getting news only from “the leader”? North Korea, Nazi Germany, Italy under Mussolini…..my god, did an elected public official actually suggest this? The terrifying thing is that many of DT’s followers believe it, believe that mainstream media is “fake”.

So a broadcaster, Rick Casey, picked up on the absurdity of the comment and the far reaching implications and created a commentary piece that included a reference to North Korea (which was an easy association by anyone who heard Rep. Lamar Smith’s original comment) [5]. Good ole’ Lamar got wind of the segment via Facebook and called the station manager and chief operator, Arthur Rojas Emerson and next thing you know the piece was pulled [5]. Pulled most likely for a few reasons 1) DT’s admin is pushing for defunding of PBS (more on this later) and 2) Emerson and Smith had an old working relationship (5). Thankfully when people caught wind of the cancellation Emerson ended up doing the right thing and letting it air at a later date but you can see how making decisions about what news to air based on government funding or government retribution means the news is no longer neutral and freedom of the press is revoked.

NPR released an interesting post today about a potential lawsuit by The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel in Colorado (5).

“The dispute began with an opinion column in the newspaper supporting a bill that would give journalists and others greater access to public records. Scott, who represents Grand Junction and serves as assistant majority leader in the state Senate, postponed a hearing and vote on the bill (5)”

Senator Ray Scott then posted this to his Facebook page:

“The very liberal GJ Sentinel is attempting to apply pressure for me to move a bill. They have no facts, as usual, and tried to call me out on SB 40 know as the CORA bill. They haven’t contacted me to get any information on why the bill has been delayed but choose to run a fake news story demanding I run the bill (5).”

I for one, hope they do file the lawsuit or better yet, I hope CNN files a defamation lawsuit against DT and his administration–maybe go after Spicey Spicer first, the weak link. This would set a precedent and put an end to the slander… or at least try.

For now, folks, Fake News = REAL NEWS and DT’s enemies aka reporters should be recognized as the freedom information fighters that they are. Stand tall reporters, focus on the facts and do not fall prey to the propaganda that DT and his administration push. We, the public,  are relying on you. #RESIST

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Colts Neck, NJ 


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